How to Become an Air Hostess

Air Hostess A name that has breakfast in some other country, then dinner in another country Yes, there are so many people in India who make the trip in the airplane is a big deal. And for them, traveling in the airplane is not less than a dream but there are some jobs by which a person can not only earn their income. Rather, it can also calm down the curiosity of seeing your world and meeting different types of people. One of the jobs is Job Hostess. Although most of the jobs in this job are employed by the airline companies, there is an awareness amongst the people that Air Hostess can only become girls, whereas this is not true. We can also call the air hostess in the other words as a flight attendant, so anyone can apply for this post or the boy can apply. But the girl who does this work is called Air Hostess, so the boys are called Stewards. Although seen in India, it is included in the list of high profile professions called Air Hostess, in which many graduate passes are willing to make a career. If any girl in India becomes Air Hostess then this moment is like having a dream come true. Because in this profession not only offers a good salary and the opportunity to travel, but also the opportunity to meet different types of people in different places of the world. Candidates can also get an opportunity to meet celebrities and business tycoons.

Responsibility of Air Hostess

Although people find work of Air Hostess very easy, there are many responsibilities in the airplane on an air hostess, which is not easy to discharge. Here below, we are giving a list of some of the tasks or responsibilities of the air hostess, which you can guess by reading. This type of job is so easy or difficult.

  • The responsibility of an air hostess is to greet every passenger traveling by airplane.
  • Their responsibility is to co-ordinate with the security.
  • It is also their job to make passengers’ air travel comfortable.
  • Responsibility for the passenger to guide the seat settlement and other work related to the airplane.
  • Apart from this Air Hostess also has to handle some strange and difficult travelers.
  • Air hostesses have to maintain peace and patience in the airplane.

After getting the experience, an Air Hostess can be appointed as Senior Flight Attendant and afterward as Head Attendant. Air Hostess’s career is generally 8-10 years after which it can be deployed on ground duty. In which their work may be to check hostess checking, train air hostess, or to work at the management level.

Air Hostess Eligibility

Because Air Hostess’s work is also to greet the passengers in the airplane away from this earth. The purpose of this is to say that they have to stay away from the earth during their duty and they have to carry out the entire work from the available resources in the airplane. Therefore, to be Air Hostess, more personality or personality is more important than academic ability. Apart from this, medical fitness is also extremely important. Therefore, the ability to become an air hostess can divide us into four parts.

Education Qualification

For Air Hostess Course, at least the academic qualification 10 + 2 is the XIII pass, then the candidate can do certificate, diploma and degree course. But if you want to post a graduation course of an air hostess, it is very important for you to have a graduation pass. However, few institutions offer tenth standard candidates for some diploma courses in air hosting. But it is better than at least this twelfth pass should be done by joining these types of courses. Wishing to become an air hostess, it is essential to know the language of Hindi, English or any other language abroad.

Age and marital status

Although the age limit depends on the institution offering the air hostess course, that is, the different institutions may have different age limits. But this age range usually ranges from 17 to 26 years. Similarly, marital status also depends on the educational institution’s policy. Although most institutions give priority to unmarried girls, some institutes also give admission to married women.

Physical Standards

As we have already mentioned in the above sentence, that this job, called Air Hostess, is given more importance than physical education to physical beauty and behavior. Therefore, some physical criteria are already set by the institutions. The woman’s desire to become an air hostess should be at least 5.2 ” Yanika 157 cm. Should be. And the burden of the woman’s body should also be in line with its length. The beauty of the skin also matters because it is important for the young woman to have a clean skin of skin. The maiden should be physically fit and attractive.

Medical condition

Just as the requirement for meeting the physiological standards for the air hostess job requires the same on medical standards. The candidate should not have any mental illness nor should he have any such history. Eyes should be good. The candidate should not suffer from any major illness.

Need practical skills to become air hostess:

Just as the need to become an air hostess requires academic, physical and medical fitness, there is a need to be efficient in behaviors as well. It is meant to say that only academic, physical and medically fit will not work, but it is more than necessary to become an air hostess. Candidates must have some behavioral skills that reflect their personality.

  • It is also very necessary to have a nice voice along with a good presence of the candidate. Because the air hostess has to adopt a friendly tone with the passengers on the board. The meaning of saying is that a friendly personality maintains Air Hostess. Overall the candidate should have attractive personality.
  • The candidate should be able to communicate effectively because Air Hostess may have to communicate with the passengers. And they may have to help them if they need something. In all, proficiency of language is essential in this job, so it is important for the candidate to have good communication skills.
  • During an emergency landing, air hostesses may have to give necessary instructions to passengers on the board using their brain. Therefore an air hostess should be wise to look forward.
  • An air hostess should come to work in the team because one plane can have 12-14 Cabin Crew members.
  • An Air Hostess may need to do extra duty for 3-4 hours when the flight is late, so an air hostess should be working for a long time.
  • Air hostess must have a positive attitude in every situation.

Air Hostess Courses

If you are serious about making your own career as Air Hostess, then you have to choose the course for yourself according to your educational qualification. There are usually three types of courses available for air hostess. Whose brief description is as follows.

Certificate Course:
This type of course is usually for the 12th pass candidates, such courses are from 6 months to 1 year. But some three months fast track courses are also available. List of air hostess courses is something like this.

  • Aviation Management and Hospitality
  • Air Hostess Management
  • Aviation customer service
  • Air hostess training
  • Cabin crew / flight attendant
  • Airline hospitality

Diploma course:
Diploma courses can also be done after 10 + 2 but some post-graduation diploma courses can be done only after graduation. Duration of these courses also ranges from 6 months to one year.

  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in cabin crew

Degree course:
Degree courses are the most important courses of all these courses, they can join students passing XII and their duration is of three years.

  • BSc in Air Hostess Training
  • Bsc in aviation
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management ‘
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

It was a list of courses for becoming Air Hostess but serious candidates should choose the third mean degree course.

Air Hostess Exam Process

Air Hostess Course does not only make the youngest air hostess but also to pass the interview organized by the company to become an air hostess. Generally, an airline company is conducting an exam for an air hostess. It means that every Air Line company organizes examinations and interviews for the appointment of Air Hostess. The appointment process of this air hostess can be divided into three parts.

  1. Written Examination:
    The purpose of this written examination is to test the qualifications and reasoning of the candidate so questions related to aptitude and reasoning can be asked in this examination. This test pattern is similar to other competitive examinations where various types of objective questions are asked. Therefore, the woman wishing to become Air Hostess must do the same preparation to pass this test as it has to do to pass other competing exams.
  2. Group Discussion:
    Pass candidates in the written examination are called by the airline company for group discussion where their intelligence readiness, communication skill, teamwork, leadership quality, and attitude are examined. Therefore, the candidate desiring to become Air Hostess should go ahead with good preparation for group discussion.
  3. Personal Interview:
    Selected candidates in Group Discussions are invited by the airline company for the personal interview. In this, any representative of the company weighs on every standard of the candidate and if the candidate is selected in this time. So the selected candidate can send the company for six months training.

Air Hostess Training Institute in India:
Although there may be many other institutions offering air hostess training in India but the list of some major institutions is as follows.

  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess, New Delhi and Mumbai ‘
  • Air Hostess Academy, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  • Rai University, Ahmedabad

How earning will be:
After taking Air Hostess Course, the candidate can appoint various Air Line companies like Air India, Indian Airlines, Alliance Air, Go Air, Jet Airways, Indigo, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa etc. as Air Hostess. Generally, an air hostess can be up to 25-85 thousand rupees per month. In which domestic flights can be salaried up to 25-40 thousand rupees. Air Hostess’s salaries can be up to Rs 85,000 per month on international flights, although some international airlines offer salaries of up to 1-2 lakh rupees per month to experienced and senior air hostesses. Apart from all this, the airline company also offers additional allowances such as medical insurance, retirement plans, discount on flight tickets etc. to Air Hostess.

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